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To wind up the roundup, I will summarize the results shown by the displays in the tests now.

The models from Acer and its ex-subdivision, BenQ, performed really well. All three considered displays combine good functionality, very good image quality, while the Acer AL1931 also boasts an excellent design idea. Considering the low price of these models, they can be a good choice for both home and office use.

NEC upholds its glorious traditions with its LCD1860NX. This display offers precise color rendition, just like the older LCD1850E model we discussed in the previous article. Compared to the LCD1850E, the LCD1860NX has better response time, so this display will suit for both: work and games or watching movies. Its only drawback, although a slight one, is the low maximum brightness.

The Prestigio P190T draws our attention with its integrated TV-tuner and very low price. Regrettably, the technical characteristics as well as the design quality were sacrificed for the sake of low price. I can only recommend this model for users with an extremely small budget.

The Samsung SyncMaster 191N was a bit of a disappointment. It has changed for the worse compared with the same model we reviewed in the previous article. Still, even with its drawbacks, this display has nice characteristics, so that together with a pretty low price this solution makes a good “budget” option.

The new SyncMaster 192 series from Samsung didn’t boast anything new, but the 192B and 192T models may become a good home solution thanks to their convenient “folding” design and good technical characteristics. The 192V, with its modest price, is well suited for work.

The professional model from Sony was good in every respect, save for the contrast ratio. The level of black is too high. Considering the high pricing of the Sony displays, this is a substantial defect. But you may have a different opinion, so I will not force mine :).

You may have noticed that I give no definite recommendations on what exactly model you should buy, although some readers have asked for that. There are just no definitely poor or definitely excellent displays. For example, among 17” models, I could point out the Samsung 172B for its excellent viewing angles, good design and average price. But I see no clear leader among 18” and 19” models. Most displays have pretty much similar parameters, so I just offer you the numbers, trying to reveal their drawbacks and advantages (if any). If you need good color rendition, but the price of displays with S-IPS matrixes is too high for you, you may want to purchase a NEC MultiScan LCD1860NX. If you are satisfied with the color rendition of the Samsung models, and pay much attention to the compact and handy case design, the SyncMaster 192B and 192T may suit you well. Thus, considering the lack of definite leaders, the choice of the particular model largely depends on you personal preferences. My preferences naturally differ from yours. That’s why I avoid making final verdicts and only hope the results of the tests will help you narrow the scope of the models to view them all later “in the flesh” at the store and make your final decision.

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