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By default, the contrast is set to 79%, the brightness – to 75%. By setting both to 60%, I got the required screen brightness of 100nit.

The viewing angles are typically-average: the image is dark when viewed from below, light – when viewed from above. When looking at the screen at an angle, you see white transforming into yellow and black into gray. Well, this monitor has a fast matrix, too.

The color curves of Prestigio P170T are a mournful sight. First of all, the level of blue is unacceptably high. Second, at its default settings, the monitor cannot distinguish between about 6-7% of light red and green tones and between 15-18% of light blue tones.

It’s no better at 100nit screen brightness. The color curves are actually the same with too much of blue and inability to reproduce light tones of all three colors.

Prestigio P170T is declared to have a response time of 16msec, but the matrix turns to be different from what we saw in other models. First, the response time at maximum brightness and for black-white transitions is 20msec rather than 16msec. Second, it grows on black-gray transitions, but not that greatly as with 16msec matrixes. It is 25msec at the most, which is 4-5msec lower than the above-discussed monitors produced.

The contrast ratio is yet another cause for joy. Although the maximum brightness doesn’t make it to the specs, the low level of black makes up for it. As a result, the contrast ratio of the Prestigio P170T reaches to 360:1. None of the models we’ve tested so far today produced a similar result.

Prestigio P170T is an ambiguous thing. On the one hand, it uses a good matrix with very low response time and nice contrast ratio, plus it has a TV-tuner and a bunch of various video inputs. On the other hand, the low manufacture quality and poor color reproduction may make you reconsider.

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