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LG L1511SE

If someone asked me to describe this display in one word, I would say “nice” about L1511SE. That’s the impression left by the display in general as well as by every single component: from the case design to image quality… The specifications don’t stand out too far from the previous two models: 25ms response time, 130/100 degrees viewing angles, 250nit brightness and 350:1 contrast ratio. We would like to add a few words about brightness. Most people who buy an LCD display for home use don’t like too much brightness: such a display is hard to look at in the evening, in twilight, but if you reduce brightness and contrast to 20-30%, the number of displayed colors is perceptibly lower. L1511SE differs (for the better) from other models by its low brightness level, which doesn’t strain the eyes even in the dark. Meanwhile, its brightness is enough to work in a brightly lit room. Thus, we ran a word-processing program with 70% brightness and 90% contrast.

The viewing angles are somewhat worse by this model than by the previous two. It’s all right when you look at it from a side, but when you look from above or below at an angle of 50 degrees or more the screen gets considerably darker. Still, the manufacturer didn’t promise anything better than that, although the above-described displays had the same specified angles, but much better effective ones.

The design of the case is good enough. This display is smaller in dimensions than Iiyama’s model, notwithstanding its internal power unit. However, the height of the base cannot be adjusted, the portrait mode is not available. The menu is not rich in settings, but quite user-friendly. The three basic functions – brightness, contrast and self-tuning are accessed with one button.

During the tests, this display showed 19ms pixel light-up time, and 6ms pixel fadeout time – 25ms in total, just like the manufacturer said. As with Iiyama BX3814UT, we can see in the oscilograms wide-impulse modulation of power supply of the backlight lamp when brightness is reduced. The modulation frequency is lower here – 200Hz. 

Pixel light-up time

Pixel fadeout time

Samsung SyncMaster 151S (GH15LSAN)

Another mainstream model, at least according to its specifications, belongs to the older LCD display series from Samsung, which is now replaced by the 152 series. The manufacturer specified 25ms response time, 120/100 degrees viewing angles, 250nit brightness and 330:1 contrast ratio. The display is really not too bright. When running a word-processing program, comfortable settings were 60% brightness and 70% contrast. The viewing angles are good with the same exception: when looking from below, the upper part of the screen appears dark. This wouldn’t be a problem at all, if the display didn’t have a pivoted base: when you work in the portrait mode and look just a little from the left, the right part of the screen (the former upper part) is dark. For your information: Samsung labels pivoted-base displays with SA-index (SAN, SAS, SAB) and ordinary ones – with SS-index (SSS, SSN, SSB). The third letter in the marking tells about the case color: N is for white, S is for silver and B is for black.

The case design is rather bulky: a massive base, broad bezel… However, thanks to the large case, the power unit is internal. Control buttons are on the right side of the screen. Brightness and self-tuning are accessed with the same button.

This display showed 24ms pixel light-up time and 7ms pixel fadeout time in our tests. In total – 31ms response time.

Pixel light-up

Pixel fadeout

By the way, this display was the only one, which was assembled without any latches: they used simple screws. So, it was an easy task to take it apart. The examination uncovered a curious fact: the manufacturer of the TFT LCD module is not Samsung Electronics, but Tottori SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. The module is Torisan TM150XG-26L10.

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