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Response Time

The monitor features response time compensation. You can set it at Normal, Faster or Fastest in the menu but you can’t disable it altogether.

In the Normal mode the response tie average is 7.3 milliseconds (GtG) with a maximum of 13 milliseconds. The diagram and the numbers are very much alike to e-IPS matrixes with RTC (monitors without RTC are about twice as slow as that).

The average RTC miss is 10.3%. The maximum is as high as 60%. The RTC-provoked artifacts are not distracting but noticeable if you know where to look for them.

The response time average lowers to 6.4 milliseconds (GtG) in the Faster mode.

But the average level of RTC errors increases by half, up to 15.9%. I don’t think this mode is preferable to Normal because it doesn’t make the monitor faster visually whereas the Normal mode is quite fast even for dynamic games.

Oddly enough, the Fastest mode produces the same speed of 6.4 milliseconds (GtG) and even the diagram is almost the same.

The same goes for the average level of RTC errors which is 15.8%. Thus, I could find no difference between the Faster and Fastest modes. Perhaps the final version of the monitor’s firmware will correct this, but it doesn’t really matter since the Normal mode seems to be quite adequate already.

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