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I guess I will give you the highs and lows of the SyncMaster SA950 in two lists.


  • Excellent exterior design
  • Good color rendering setup
  • Low response time
  • Light and cute 3D glasses with wireless interface
  • Supports 3D imaging with any graphics cards
  • Supports 3D imaging for movies and photographs without using special drivers and software (can automatically decode Top-Bottom and Side-by-Side formats)
  • Good 3D image quality


  • Glossy screen producing lots of flares
  • Insufficient integration of the TriDef software with the monitor (you have to manually switch the monitor into 3D mode after launching a game)
  • Supports 120Hz 3D mode with frame alteration for AMD Radeon HD 5xxx and 6xxx series cards only
  • Dark screen in 3D mode

The SyncMaster SA950 seems to have more highs than lows. Although it is far from ideal (I’d want to see a new driver version that could switch the monitor into 3D mode automatically whenever a game is launched; the support of the 120Hz 3D mode for Nvidia-based cards would also be welcome), I guess it can make a strong rival to Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology.

So, if you take games seriously and 3D image quality is important to you, you should choose between the SA950 and the 3D Vision-compatible products depending on what graphics card you use. 3D Vision is not compatible with AMD GPUs whereas the SA950, although supports Nvidia GPUs, can only enable 120Hz mode for AMD-based cards.

P.S.: After the article went up, AMD informed us that at this time they had a public driver hotfix that fixed the issue with the monitor not switching to 3D mode automatically. According to AMD, this fix will be implemented in one of the upcoming WHQL certified driver releases, so no hotfixes will be required. Unfortunately, the monitor is no longer available to us, so we can’t check  how correctly the hotfix works.
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