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I must confess I had not expected the SyncMaster 2233RZ to make such a nice impression on me without stereo glasses.

As opposed to all the other stereo-mode-ready monitors I have dealt with, like the Zalman Trimon and iZ3D, it is not inferior to ordinary LCD monitors in any respect. It offers the same color accuracy, viewing angles, contrast ratio, response time. You will not have to agree to compromises in order to have a true 3D picture in games. You just buy a good home monitor that can also be used together with stereo glasses.

Moreover, the 120Hz refresh rate provides substantial benefits of its own. I had not expected a reduction in response time (it is smaller than the refresh rate even at 120Hz) but the considerable reduction of the intensity of RTC artifacts was a nice surprise. This is a rare thing indeed: a 3ms matrix with no RTC artifacts!

Then, the 120Hz refresh rate ensures smoother motion in games and at ordinary work. Perhaps it is not a critical improvement for office applications, yet an advantage anyway, and I guess that gamers will welcome 120Hz monitors warmly.

Talking about the price factor, the recommended price of the SyncMaster 2233RZ is $399, which is a hundred dollars higher than the price of the ordinary 60Hz SyncMaster 2233BW. I guess $100 is a reasonable overpayment for an excellent gaming monitor with unique characteristics.

The implementation of the 120Hz refresh rate does not require anything special on the developer’s part, so we can hope for a wider range of such products to appear in near future. The price gap from the 60Hz monitors will shrink, too.

P.S.: Of course, stereoscopic glasses are an exciting thing, too. They will be covered in our upcoming review.

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