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Gamma Setup

The 2233RZ has a too high level of contrast by default: this is indicated by the characteristic bend of the gamma curves in the top right of the diagram. It means that some of the lightest halftones are displayed as pure white. However, few people will work with the 2233RZ at its factory settings because it is too bright then.

When the Brightness and Contrast settings are reduced in the monitor’s menu, the curves improve in the right part of the diagram but the value of gamma is somewhat lower than necessary. The curves go higher than the theoretical one, resulting in a lower-contrast image than necessary.

Color Temperature

The color temperature setup (the menu offers three preset modes and the option of manual setup) is not very high. Gray is considerably colder than white. As a result, the monitor’s image is overall cold, bluish whereas white has a parasitic yellowish hue.

The outcome of my attempts to set the monitor up manually is shown in the table’s Custom column. I got them at a Contrast of 50% by choosing R=48, G=34, and B=15 in the Color Control menu. The result is better than the factory setup, but still far from ideal.

Unfortunately, this deflection towards cold tones has almost become a norm for mainstream monitors and a real catastrophe for notebooks whose makers don’t seem to care a bit about color accuracy.

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