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If you don’t want to leave the UbiSync 7 standing on your desk, you can fasten it on the above-described SyncMaster 2263DX. In fact, you can fasten it on any monitor that has fasteners for a VESA mount. The UbiSync 7 comes with an appropriate accessory:


The central spot is screwed up to the large monitor whereas the pole allows flexibly adjusting the position of the mini-monitor in space.


The mount has a turntable joint at the place of fastening to the large monitor, a cylindrical hinge where it’s fastened to the mini-monitor’s stand, and can also be adjusted in length.


As a result, the UbiSync 7 can be easily placed on any side of the full-size monitor: to the left or right or above it, in portrait or landscape orientation.


The only downside is the hanging interface cable – the mount doesn’t offer anything for fastening it. By the way, the mini-monitor can be easily connected via the 2263DX’ integrated USB-hub and work simultaneously with its web-camera.

The mini-monitor is a pleasure at work. It delivers adequate colors, a good brightness adjustment range, and a low response time. You may feel its vertical viewing angle to be narrow but this is compensated by the opportunity to orient the whole mini-monitor in space. Thanks to the small pixel pitch (the UbiSync 7 has a native resolution of 800x480 pixels) the picture looks sharp and detailed. The screen accommodates quite a lot of information.

Of course, I couldn’t help testing the monitor with our tools although some of them could barely fit its screen as you can see above.

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