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The idea is lucky, and the implementation is a success. The pair of a 22” and a 7” monitor was flawless in my tests, proving to be an ergonomic, functional and stable solution. This solution is interesting from a practical point of view while its possible applications are numerous. Besides those mentioned at the beginning of the review, the 2263DX+UbiSync7 kit can be used in trade halls, hotel counters, at various organizations – everywhere if there is a need to show the customer some information that is larger than one or two lines of text yet doesn’t really call for the installation of a full-size monitor.

So-called widgets have also become popular recently. These are small applications outputting updated information in the dedicated part of the screen: time, calendar, weather report, short notes, news headlines, etc. Windows Vista can display such widgets not only in its Sidebar but also, within the Windows SideShow technology framework, on a separate device. The UbiSync 7 can be that device quite successfully.

And, as another possible application, perhaps the developers of car sims should think about the option of outputting the rear-view mirror to a separate monitor?

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