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Test Methods

Follow this link to read a description of our testing methodology. The article is called Xbit Labs Presents: LCD Monitors Testing Methodology Indepth.

Closer Look at SyncMaster 940UX

According to the specification, the SyncMaster 940UX is an ordinary 19” monitor with a TN matrix that is only distinguishable for its high static contrast ratio (the dynamic contrast ratio is specified in the brackets). It’s got a standard native resolution and lacks Response Time Compensation.

Resembling many other Samsung monitors, the 940UX has a good-looking discreetly designed silver-and-black case with a neat round stand. It is a fine example of an unobtrusive, yet tidy and appealing, exterior design.

The monitor is not compact due to the large and wide pole of the stand. This stand provides all the necessary adjustments: tilt, height adjustment, and even portrait mode (although the latter doesn’t work well for TN matrixes: the poor viewing angles of this matrix type become hardly bearable when the screen is turned around by 90 degrees).

Despite the rumors that the 940UX would come with a USB interface only, Samsung didn’t risk such a drastic move. There are both analog and digital video interfaces available. This is expectable, though. As mentioned in the Introduction, the USB-supporting DisplayLink chip is only an addition to the monitor’s electronics, but does not replace it.

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