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DVI Connection

The SyncMaster 940UX being an ordinary monitor, but equipped with an additional USB interface chip, it is logical to begin our tests with the same parameters that we study first with all other monitors.

By default, the monitor’s got 100% brightness and 70% contrast. To achieve a 100nit brightness of white we dropped them both to 35%. Brightness is controlled via pulse-width modulation of the power of the backlight lamps at a frequency of 330Hz.

We have no complaints about how the monitor displays color gradients. Its backlight is uniform, too. The vertical viewing angles are rather narrow, but that’s the generic problem of all TN matrixes.

The gamma curves aren’t ideal, yet go close to the theoretical curve. The monitor reproduces the entire range of halftones, without losing details in darks or lights. The gamma curves do not get worse at the reduced brightness/contrast.

The color temperature setup is surprisingly accurate. The difference between the temperatures of different levels of gray is within 500K in the Normal mode. And in the Cool mode, which proves the most problematic one for many monitors, it is only the temperature of the darkest gray that falls out of the otherwise consistent row of values.

The monitor uses ordinary backlight lamps and its color gamut is standard as a consequence. It covers the sRGB color space and even surpasses it in the area of greens.

Lacking a Response Time Compensation mechanism, the 940UX has poor results in the response time tests: an average of 15.6 milliseconds and a maximum of 34.1 milliseconds.

The contrast ratio is quite high, for a TN matrix. The max brightness is normal for an office monitor.

So, the SyncMaster 940UX is a neat and correctly set-up office monitor. It will suit perfectly for working with documents, but its slow matrix is going to disappoint you if you buy it for playing dynamic games.

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