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If my tests of the Touch of Color series were limited to the 19-inch and 22-inch models, I would call this series impeccable. If they were limited to the 20-inch and 26-inch models, I would have to say that the form does not match the contents.

Fortunately, I have tested six models, including the presale SyncMaster T220P. The results are most controversial. The T200, T220P and T260 are set up awfully, but the T190, T220 and T240 are not just good, but among the leaders of their class. I can only make guesses as to the cause of this divergence. Perhaps Samsung does not take the problem of setting up the Touch of Color series seriously, even though the series is positioned into the premium market sector. Perhaps they use matrixes from different makers and of different quality in one and the same monitor model. Anyway, my tests make it clear that you cannot be sure of high setup quality of every ToC series monitor.

On the other hand, three out of the six monitors are so good in terms of color reproduction that they do not need any additional calibration to be used as home monitors (and what other use can you suggest for a beautiful monitor with a TN matrix?). Such an accurate setup can be but rarely seen in modern monitors of this class and you should keep this fact in mind, too.

You may argue that the three successful ToC models are just as good as other models from Samsung and other brands in the rest of parameters such as ergonomics, response time, viewing angles, brightness uniformity, etc, whereas color accuracy can be improved by means of a hardware calibrator purchased separately (for example, a DataColor Spyder2express).

Well, a calibrator costs money. Even though its price may not be too high, this is a considerable addition to the cost of a 19-inch or even a 22-inch monitor. Moreover, the ToC series features an exceptional exterior design. I guess these are among the most beautiful monitors I have ever seen.

So, you should certainly take a look at Samsung’s Touch of Color series if you are choosing a home monitor. It deserves your attention not only because of its nice exterior design but also because of its good setup quality. But as I’ve found out, gems can be defective, too. So, spend a few minutes of your time to check the monitor out at the shop before you purchase it. You should look at the reproduction of gray in the first place: dark gray must not seem bluish in comparison with light gray.

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