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Five LCD monitor models from Samsung we have reviewed today made a very pleasant impression. These are really very good products, selling at reasonable prices.

The situation with SyncMaster 172X has become quite mysterious. Notwithstanding the manufacturer’s claims about a 12msec TN matrix, it has a regular PVA matrix. This dramatically changes the range of possible applications: fast TN matrixes suit for gaming monitors, while PVA ones, on the contrary, make a good office monitor, but are quite bad at displaying action-full computer games. Thus, you should consider 172X if you are searching for an office monitor. If you want to buy a SyncMaster 172X for games, I strongly recommend that you check out the matrix type before the purchase. You can easily tell a TN matrix by its relatively narrow viewing angles, especially vertical ones.

SyncMaster 173VT is undoubtedly an exciting and interesting product with its sensor screen, but I was more interested in its 12msec matrix. The monitor did show excellent pixel response time plus a much higher contrast ratio than widespread 16msec matrixes have. I am sure such characteristics promise a bright future for 12msec matrixes, especially in gaming monitors.

SyncMaster 510MP and 710MP are LCD TV-sets in the first hand. Yes, they can be connected to the computer, but they would be just average monitors with 25msec TN+Film matrixes. As TV-sets, they can find their customer due to their good characteristics and beautiful exterior.

SyncMaster 173MP LCD TV-set is highly functional, but is not free from some technical flaws. Once again, you should regard this device as a TV-set, rather than a computer monitor, since its monitor features are quite average, but its TV capabilities include a DVI-input for connecting to the computer, an FM-tuner and rich setup options.

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