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Samsung SyncMaster 710MP

This is an exact clone of the previous model, SyncMaster 510MP, in everything, save for the screen diagonal – it’s now 17”. I was a bit confused about the name of the product: although it is called “710MP” everywhere, there is a “1710MP” marking on it. I don’t know why this ambiguity occurred, but I will call this product the way Samsung, its manufacturer, and other sources do it.

There is no need to repeat my words about the exterior, functionality, inputs and setup –SyncMaster 710MP fully copies the monitor we have just discussed, so let’s get straight to the tests.

The default color temperature of this monitor corresponds to 6030K white and 7950K gray. Like with the 510MP model, you don’t have any presets here. You can only change the color temperature by adjusting manually the RGB settings.

The viewing angles are quite average for TN+Film matrixes: the top of the screen becomes dark when you view it from below, and white becomes yellowish when you look at the screen sideways.

By default, we have 80% brightness and 50% contrast. By reducing these settings to 33% brightness and 40% contrast, I achieve a screen luminosity of 100nit. There are the same three modes of MagicBright available: Text (43% brightness and 45% contrast), Internet (57% brightness and 50% contrast) and Entertain (69% brightness and 60% contrast).

The color curves look as if the monitor has been calibrated for gamma = 2.5-2.7 and most of dark colors look darker than they should be when we use the sRGB standard 2.2 gamma.

SyncMaster 710MP showed a better responsiveness than the previous model, but nothing changed principally as it also uses a 25msec TN+Film matrix.

The level of black was fluctuating around 1nit and this made it impossible for the contrast ratio to be higher than 250:1. This is not actually bad, but this number refers to the maximum screen brightness. When you work in a dimly lit room with reduced screen brightness, you will surely notice the backlighting of the black color and the contrast ratio won’t exceed 100:1.

Alas, SyncMaster 710MP is even worse than 510MP as a computer monitor – its characteristics are poorer. This again confirms my point that you should regard these products as LCD TV-sets with an additional ability of connecting to the computer. SyncMaster 710MP may become a very good inexpensive TV-set – its drawbacks won’t be of much importance when you use it this way.

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