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Some time ago I tested a pair of Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision stereoscopic glasses together with a compatible Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ monitor and they proved to add a whole new dimension to gaming. By building images for the right and left eyes separately, the 3D Vision delivers a true 3D image in games, movies and even photographs (of course, specially prepared ones). This is not some kind of emulation. This is indeed true 3D that is produced in the same way as we perceive the three dimensions of the real world around us.

As I wrote in that review, one of the key advantages of the 3D Vision technology is its compatibility with monitors from any manufacturer provided that the monitor supports a refresh rate of 120Hz and has a good enough response time. I also wrote that other brands would soon present some competition to Samsung. A few months have passed and I can offer you the test results of a new 120Hz monitor from ViewSonic. The model is called FuHzion VX2268wm and it is already available in shops.

Apart from its high refresh rate, the monitor is no different from other home-oriented models in its parameters. It is based on a TN matrix with response time compensation. The screen is 22 inches large and has a native resolution of 1680x1050 pixels. The monitor has got both analog and digital inputs.

Testing Methodology

Use the following link for a description of our testing methodology and the equipment we use as well as for a brief explanation of what the specified and tested parameters of LCD monitors mean: X-bit Labs Presents: LCD Monitors Testing Methodology In Depth. If you feel overwhelmed with the numbers and terms this article abounds in, check out an appropriate section of the mentioned article for explanation.

You can also check out the Monitors section of our site if this review doesn’t cover the model you are interested in.

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