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ViewSonic has come up with a worthy competitor for the Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ which has been the single option for users who wanted to play true 3D games. In comparison with the 2233RZ, the ViewSonic FuHzion VX2268wm features a higher image quality in terms of color accuracy and response time. The latter parameter is especially important for 3D monitors because it determines how much and in what scenes the doubling of the image in stereo mode is going to be conspicuous. With the 2233RZ you can sometimes see unwanted contours in dark objects on a light background (e.g. in buildings against the sky). These artifacts can still be noticed on the VX2268wm but have become weaker. They were not a big problem even on the Samsung monitor, so they are even less of a problem on the ViewSonic.

I did not describe my impressions about wearing stereo glasses although I did check the monitor out in several games. My impressions just do not differ from those described earlier. The image is truly three-dimensional and looks very realistic. There are no serious problems with support of games (if the game uses DirectX). Since my first test of the stereo glasses, the option of viewing stereo photos has been added. You can make such photos with any digital camera and with minimum effort. You can also save stereoscopic screenshots of games. Overall, Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision technology remains preferable for home use over alternative technologies in such aspects as image quality, game support, availability of monitors and projectors from different brands. Its perspectives are highlighted by the fact that Samsung, Panasonic and Sony have already announced their presence on the home 3D market. All of them use active shutter stereo glasses like the GeForce 3D Vision. In the next year we are going to see TV-sets, projectors, players, notebooks and game consoles with stereo mode support. And considering that Sony plays a big role in the movie industry, we can hope for 3D movies targeted at such equipment to appear soon, too.

Returning to the comparison with the Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ, I should say that I view these models as equals. Although the FuHzion VX2268wm is somewhat better in setup quality, the 2233RZ has better ergonomics: a lower case, a steadier stand, MagicBright modes (for changing the brightness of the screen quickly), a handier way of turning dynamic contrast on and off, etc. It is hard to choose between the SyncMaster 2233RZ and FuHzion VX2268wm if both cost the same money as each is interesting and good in terms of technology.

If you are not interested in the stereo mode, but want a good and fast gaming monitor, you should still consider 120Hz models. My tests have proved it once again that this refresh rate helps combine a very high speed of the matrix with a very low level of RTC artifacts.

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