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Setup Menu and Functionality

The onscreen menu of the ZM-M240W doesn't offer too many options. Some options typical of modern monitors are missing altogether.

The first menu screen is standard enough, containing Brightness and Contrast settings. You can also find the image correction options necessary for analog connection here. I wonder who will ever need them today when all graphics cards and even most mainboards with integrated graphics offer a DVI or an HDMI output.

Well, perhaps you want to have more control over the monitor's color rendering... As you can see, the color-related settings are disabled when the ZM-M240W is connected via DVI.

The third menu screen contains a basic minimum of settings about the menu itself.

The fourth screen is where you can choose the menu language, reset the settings to their factory defaults, choose a video input, and adjust the sound volume.

The setup opportunities are overall frugal and the controls are not handy. There is no way to set up color rendering. There are no preset image modes. We’ve got just a bare minimum of settings here. Granted, most users won’t need anything above this minimum, yet it’s always good to have more firmware features and setup options, especially if they are implemented properly, because they may really come in handy sometimes.

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