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Flight Simulator Joystick: Everything You Wanted to Know joystick  flight simulator joystick
[10/16/11 | by Dmitry Vasiliev]

There are a lot of guides of all kinds advising on how to choose the best gaming peripherals. The reviews of various gaming devices are totally overwhelming. However, there are hardly any decent ones discussing joysticks for flight simulator games and the ones available out there are way out-of-date.

Wirelessly Ideal: Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard Review Logitech K800  keyboard
[01/11/11 | by Alexey Stepin]

Opinions vary as to what an ideal keyboard should be like. Logitech makes another attempt to win the hearts of those who prefer wireless devices.

Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 Sound Card Review Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1  Auzentech X-Fi
[12/28/10 | by Sergey Romanov]

Auzentech made sure that even those music lovers who do not have a huge budget could enjoy their best technologies in an affordable form – for a little over $100. But is it really possible to make an audiophile grade product at this price point and at what expense will that be? We will try to answer all these questions today.

Motion-Sensing Controller for PC: Gyration Air Mouse Elite
[11/30/10 | by Anton Shilov]

There are different types of mice available nowadays. There are mice for gamers with numerous additional keys, there are ergonomic mice for demanding users and there are small form-factor mice for travelers. How can one possibly change a mouse and design something unique? Well, the company called Gyration installed a gyroscope inside its mice in order to let them work without any surface. Today we are taking a look at Gyration Air Mouse Elite, one of the world's first mice that can work in the air.

High Definition Theater: Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD and Auzen OPAMPs Review Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD  Auzentech  Auzen OPAMPs  operational amplifier
[05/18/10 | by Sergey Romanov]

Expected and unexpected from Auzentech: we are going to talk about the sound quality and features provided by X-Fi HomeTheater HD sound card and fifteen operational amplifiers.

Auzen X-Fi Forte 7.1 Sound Card Review
[09/03/09 | by Sergey Romanov]

Compact, highly functional, even beautiful, very controversial, but not any less interesting – this is the new sound card from Auzentech that we are going to talk about today.

Two in One: Asus Xonar Essence STX Sound Card Review
[06/04/09 | by Sergey Romanov]

A sound card with a high-quality headset amplifier is an excellent gift for music-lowers. But how good is it in reality? You will find out from our extensive review!

Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Stereoscopic Glasses Review
[04/13/09 | by Oleg Artamonov]

Looks like the situation in the real 3D image for home computer systems is really changing rapidly. Such large players as Nvidia and Samsung have stepped in the game. Read about a new device from Nvidia in our new review!

Scythe KamaBay Amp SDA-1000: Universal Audio Amplifier Review
[04/08/09 | by Sergey Romanov]

The Japanese developer of coolers has come up with a unique and unexpected offer – a compact amplifier for headphones and speaker systems. Read more in our detailed review!

Das Keyboard: The Keyboard for Professionals
[01/27/09 | by Anton Shilov]

There are not a lot of devices aimed strictly at professional users and not equipped with “bells and whistles” that are featured on products aimed at entertainment, performance enthusiast and video gaming markets. Today we take a look at Das Keyboard III Professional, the keyboard that is designed to provide the ultimate tactile experience for professionals.

OCZ NIA: Reading Thoughts in the Privacy of Your Home
[11/17/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

In fact, I have to explain, NIA cannot really read your thoughts in the full meaning of this word: human brain is extremely complex and the “electrical noise” it creates cannot be completely decoded yet even with the latest and greatest technology. However, OCZ NIA - a truly one-of-a-kind device - is definitely getting close to that. Read more in our review!

IAMM NTD36HD/ IconBIT HD360W Multimedia Player Review
[07/23/08 | by Platon Scheblykin]

As PC users were assembling large media collections and as there appeared numerous digital formats for storing music, video, etc, a new class of computers emerged. It is the Home Theater Personal Computer. Today we are going to discuss one solution of this class from the Korean Novatron Company.

Razer Lachesis: First Laser Mouse from the Third Generation
[06/01/08 | by Kirill ]

The main feature of the new mouse we are going to discuss today is the third-generation laser sensor with a physical resolution of 4000dpi and other impressive characteristics. Read our review for details!

Universal Soldier: ASUS Xonar D2 PM Sound Card Review
[05/14/08 | by Sergey Romanov]

These days, when every mainboard comes with an integrated sound adapter, few manufacturers dare release discrete audio solutions. Many brands have left the market altogether, others have halted the development process and don’t care much about driver updates. That’s why every new device provokes a huge interest in the PC audio community. We are going to talk about a device like that – a sound card from ASUS.

27 Card Readers Roundup
[03/23/08 | by Aleksey Meyev]

We would like to offer an unprecedented amount of card readers within the same roundup: 27 models including such manufacturers as Apacer, Transcend, SanDisk, Pretec, Vizo, Microsonic and many others. We will check out external and internal models’ performance with the following major types of media: Compact Flash; Secure Digital; SDHC; MMCplus and Memory Stick.

Grado SR325i and Sennheiser HD 600: Professional Headphones Reviewed
[12/27/07 | by Sergey Romanov]

In this review, we are going to discuss two headphones models from the top sector of the mass market: Grado SR325i and Sennheiser HD 600. It is interesting to compare these models with inexpensive products (we took a Grado SR80 for that) and also with each other since they represent two different approaches to design.

X-Fi for Music Lovers: Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1 in Detail
[12/18/07 | by Sergey Romanov]

Audiophiles do not regard the PC as a serious audio source. Auzentech proves the opposite. Read more about this exciting sound product in our new detailed review.

Creative Web-Cameras Roundup
[09/13/07 | by Sergey Samarin]

Thanks to the rapid growth of broadband Internet, huge amounts of audio/video information can be transferred over long distances at a tremendous rate, so when communicating with text is not enough, modern technologies allow you to communicate with voice and even real-time video. In this roundup, I will discuss six cameras from Creative you may be interested in.

Hi-End HiVi Swans S200A Stereo System Review: Elegance of a Piano
[04/24/07 | by Sergey Samarin]

Today we are going to invite you to get acquainted with a very interesting multimedia acoustic stereo system – Swans S200A from HiVi Company. This is the first truly high-end acoustic system we are looking at on our site, so we will go deep into technical details regarding its design and operation.

Professional Gaming Mice: Razer DeathAdder vs. Microsoft Habu
[04/05/07 | by Kirill ]

I guess no one will argue my point if I say there are only three serious contenders on the market of high-quality gaming PC mice. And today we are going to introduce to you the latest products from two of them: Razer and Microsoft. Find out which one is the best choice for gamers today from our detailed comparison.