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All in all, iDome DS 500 left a very favorable impression. During work the system reveals crystal-clear high frequencies, excellent timbre balance and sharp stereo-panoramic effects. The system is powerful enough for comfortable and enjoyable listening to music from a “short distance”, i.e. if you are sitting at your desk. You can adjust the BASS and TREBLE settings or equalizer settings to make up for the lack of bass. However, if you are looking for deeper lows, then you should add a subwoofer to this system.

iDome DS 500 has great audio connectivity thanks to the presence of analogue as well as digital input ports. The speakers design and ergonomics are also terrific.

All would be great, if it hadn’t been for one thing… the price. iDome DS 500 should sell for about $160, and the iDome SW 510 subwoofer – for $110. I have to admit that I was shocked, because I could easily get a professional stereo set for this money! I have no idea what the Abit marketing people were thinking, but iDome DS 500 is very unlikely to find a lot of response among reasonable users if the price remains the same.

In conclusion I would like to say that it is expected to start selling any time now, and as we all know Christmas weeks is the time of not always reasonable expenses.


  • Great design;
  • Convenient controls;
  • Excellent connectivity;
  • Clear sounding.


  • Extremely high price.
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