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Connectors bracket

As you may see the order and the functionality of the connectors on this bracket is exactly the same as by Audigy2 ZS. The function is engraved on the bracket under each connector, and the corresponding sticker with the color codes is enclosed into the package. Here are the connectors laid out there and their functions:

  • Line Out 1 (for the front pair of acoustic system satellites or headphones);
  • Line Out 2 (for the rear pair of acoustic system satellites and the side right channel in 7.1 systems);
  • Line Out 3 (for the front central channel, subwoofer and side left channel of the 7.1 system, or for the rear central channel in the 6.1 systems);
  • AD_LINK 1 and AD_LINK 2 (to connect to the external unit supplied with the card).

Switchover unit (I/O Hub)

All Creative Labs sound cards targeted for the top price group are provided with switchover units. And the models from the Pro series have always been shipped with external units. Audigy4 Pro is also no exception here. However, I will not dwell on the details of this device today, because Audigy4 Pro simply inherited the switchover unit from the previous model as is.

Remote control unit

The universal infra-red remote control unit also remained the same. It is the good old RM-1500 solution with excellent functionality and ergonomics. It is powerful enough to control the sound card and the entire computer system from up to 4-meter distance. The infra-red receiver sensor is located on the external switchover unit.

Pages: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 ]


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