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Creative GigaWorks S750

So, the GigaWorks S750 system includes seven satellites, a subwoofer, an Audio Control Pod and a remote control unit. Each satellite comes with a rubber-soled desktop stand. To wall-mount the satellites, you use the slit at their rear panels for the screw head (the cutter and dowels are included with the system). All the satellites are equipped with clamps that clench the signal wires – that’s a sign of classy acoustics. Their polarity is marked with red cambric, for the user not to be wrong about the phase during their attachment. The lengths of the wires are specifically tailored for each pair of satellites: 2m for the front pair and the central channel, 5m for the middle pair and 7m for the rear speakers. The signal wires from the satellites are attached to the sockets at the subwoofer rear panel. There are special stickers included with the speakers for you not to get lost in this heap of cables.

Each satellite has two high-quality diffusers

The subwoofer panel carries ports
for attaching the satellites

The satellites of the system are equipped with two speakers: a mid-woofer (middle frequencies) with a diffuser of 3” in diameter and an input resistance of 8 Ohms, and a high-frequency 1-inch 4Ohm tweeter. There is a crossover board inside each satellite and the volume of the case is filled with synthetic wool.

The satellite case is stuffed with synthetic wool

I’d like to draw your attention to the construction of the tweeter. It is the first time Creative uses a high-frequency speaker of the dome type with a titanium membrane in its satellites. Titanium adds rigidity to the membrane, allowing to fully embrace the range of high frequencies and the ultrasound range. That’s why the manufacturer proudly wrote down the audiophile range of 25Hz-40kHz in the specification.

Each satellite has a crossover board

The mid-range speaker has improved since the one of the MegaWorks 510D. Its soft hanger is made of foam rubber. The diffuser is now made of plastic rather than of treated cardboard.

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