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The preamplifier unit

The power amplifier module

The rear all-metal panel of the subwoofer
has a massive heatsink

The rear panel of the subwoofer case is equipped with a big heatsink grid. The panel carries connectors for attaching the satellites of the system, line-in sockets for the audio card and a couple of connectors for the external switch unit called Audio Control Pod. Somewhere to a side, there are a power plug and a power button. Regrettably, the Creative GigaWorks S750 doesn’t have an additional digital input, so you only have to connect it to the audio card using the analog outputs.

Audio Control Pod

The Creative GigaWorks S750 system includes an Audio Control Pod, a unit for controlling the system and communicating with the remote control. The Pod has a hole of the infrared receiver in the front panel exactly for that purpose.

The discrete digital-tuning scale consists of numerous tiny steps. At the same time, there is only a row of seven LEDs indicating the volume level and the timbre (and the first LED is always aglow). It’s not important for varying the volume level, while the timbre adjustment seems rather cumbersome. By the way, all the control functions are duplicated on the remote control unit.

You can see in the snapshot of the Pod that its front panel has a USB port labeled M-PORT. This connector is here to extend the system communication capabilities, for linking it to other audio devices from Creative, equipped with such ports. The Pod also has a headphones socket and a Line-in connector. Considering that you usually have to unplug the front output of the speaker system to attach your headphones, the placement of the additional socket on the external Pod seems reasonable.

The remote control unit of the GigaWorks S750

You turn the system on either from the Pod or from the remote control unit. Note that the engineers of the Cambridge SoundWorks laboratory improved the electronic circuitry compared to the MegaWorks 510D and you don’t hear loud clicks on powering the system up, as before.

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