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So, the Creative GigaWorks S750 passed all our tests with honors – I only have to add a few words in conclusion. When the system reproduced wide ranges of middle and high frequencies, it proved highly demanding to the audio card installed in the system. A majority of standard widely spread sound cards stress your ears at high frequencies, spoiling those frequencies altogether. It was about the same with a Creative Audigy2 ZS card. The titanium tweeter is the one to blame here, as it was conscientiously reproducing everything, including high-frequency noise. We could only enjoy the new speaker system with the newest Creative E-MU 1820 card which happened to be in our test lab at the moment. With that card, the GigaWorks S750 not just sounded, it gave out a delicious sound! Thus, if you are considering this speaker system, you should think about the installed sound card in advance, too. Otherwise, you may be disappointed.

Creative GigaWorks S750 is undoubtedly a classy speaker system and I think it has no rival today in the sector of multimedia systems. If you go for the best, it’s yours! Just come and get it!


  • Wide range of reproduced frequencies with a low gain-frequency characteristic dispersion;
  • High sound pressure levels;
  • Excellent sound quality;
  • Easy system management;
  • A comprehensive user’s manual;
  • No clicks when the system powers up.


  • No digital input (like one in the MegaWorks 510D);
  • No floor stands for the surround satellites;
  • Inter-case elements of the subwoofer resound during reproduction of certain frequencies;
  • Requires a high-quality audio output of the sound card;
  • Indication of volume levels is too primitive.
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