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Functionality Indepth

I-TRIGUE 3600 speaker set

The assembled and ready to go I-TRIGUE 3600 looks exactly as the picture above suggests. If you admire contemporary looking portable devices, you will certainly love the miniature satellites, and the pretty long cables supplied with them will not hinder the proper positioning of the satellites.

I-TRIGUE 3600 satellite

As you can see on the picture above, each satellite has a kind of a flexible joint just above the stand base. However, you shouldn’t be misled by this tricky design swing: this is a purely decorative element and the satellites are fastened firmly in their metal stands.

The unusual shape of the satellites also has a logical explanation. These satellites are designed with the NeoTitanium Tri-Array technology. Here, the Tri-Array stands for a combination of three high-precision micro-speakers, the NeoTitanium indicates the use of spherical titanium diffusers (as you can see each diffuser is covered with decorative metal net, which makes them look very stylish). This construction allows ensuring dynamic and precise reproduction of the sound picture even if the satellites are positioned at a significant distance. Moreover, the acoustic cameras of the satellites are designed using new Acoustic Loaded Module (ALM) technology. This technology is used for both: I-TRIGUE 3600 and I-TRIGUE 5600. As you may have already guessed, the latter system differs from the hero of our today’s review by the availability of the central and two rear satellites.

ALM system schematic

As we can see on the scheme above, the sound pressure inside the camera is spread between the side ports of the satellite following a pretty tricky path. In fact, the phase-inverter ports on the satellites have already become quite common. This solution guarantees better quality of the low frequencies, amplifying them and thus adding to their natural warm tone. However, our satellites do not have any mid-frequency diffusers that could really process the entire volume of the acoustic camera. Therefore, I don’t think that the phase-inverter port can have any noticeable positive effect on the sound quality.

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