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Wired remote control unit

We have already got used to getting very easy to use and convenient remote control unit with any sound system from Creative Labs. I-TRIGUE 3600 is also not an exception. As you see, the system goes with a very nice little unit offering a large volume control wheel with power on feature, bass control, Line In and headphones jack. When the system is on, you will see blue LED indicator glowing.

Headphones jack and additional Line In port
on the remote control unit

Two additional ports on the remote control unit are definitely a good thing to have, because they make it a lot simpler to connect any additional equipment to this sound system. Although Creative engineers had to increase the diameter of the connecting cables, this still are not heavier than the remote control unit: the latter features a special heavy block ensuring its stability on the desk or any other surface. Besides, the unit also has special anti-sliding pads at the bottom, so that it sits firmly on any surface.

System subwoofer

The wooden casing of the subwoofer is equipped with the phase-inverter port laid out on the front panel. The decorative panel in the front repeats the shape of the satellites. The low-frequency diffuser is placed on the left side of the subwoofer and is covered with decorative thread grid, which cannot be removed.

Rear panel of the subwoofer with all the ports

The rear panel of the subwoofer carries power connectors, satellite connectors, remote control unit port and audio-In port.

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