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The first thing we would like to mention before we go over to the performance and sound quality analysis is the overall system design. The satellites look just great and make a cool change on your workplace. From this viewpoint, I-TRIGUE 3600 is very likely to be a nice choice for the portable system owners, who would hardly want their sound system to be bigger than the laptop. By the way, the timbre characteristics of this system are pretty well-balanced, although we could still reveal a few flaws in the way the mid-frequencies sound. If we look at the music instruments that take over this range of sound frequencies, we can conclude with all certainty that they do not sound pure and clear enough. Saxophones and cellos sound with evident dissonance, which is definitely far from have a positive effect on the overall sound quality of this acoustic system. The problem actually lies in the satellites design, as they have been constructed with only high-frequency diffusers involved.

As for the subwoofer, I really liked the way it sounded. The bass maintained the structure and even reproduction of the low frequency range. The system is powerful enough to meet the desired goals. We didn’t notice any sound distortions when the system was working at the utmost of its power potential, which given us every right to state that all electronic components of the amplifier are of truly high quality and that the acoustic system design is very thorough and efficient (the design of the subwoofer in the first place).

To get more than just subjective evaluation, I resorted to the EURAUDIO PRO 600 audio-analyzer and an IASCA Competition CD disk designed specifically for this type of tests. Here are the results obtained:

Amplitude-frequency characteristics of the subwoofer

The unevenness of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the subwoofer is quite common for the systems of this type. The peak at the +10dB results from the operation of the system’s own phase-inverter. Of course, this is not a top-end system for dedicated audiophiles, so we can forgive a lot of small things like this :)

Amplitude-frequency characteristics of the system

All in all, the I-TRIGUE 3600 system coped very well with a number of low and high frequencies, while the mid-frequency range appeared completely messed up, which is especially evident during the playback of complex musical pieces.

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