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Well, summing up everything we have just said about the new I-TRIGUE 3600 acoustic system, we can’t help saying that the newcomer is definitely too expensive. We couldn’t really understand what made it so pricy, especially since it doesn’t even have a digital port. Maybe Creative Labs I-TRIGUE 3600 is positioned for portable system owners, who should have got used to paying extra for the peripheral devices. But if I had been one of them, I would have probably gone with the solutions of Harman/Kardon.

Anyway, maybe there are some users who could convince me of the opposite? I would love to hear your arguments for an against.


  • Excellent design;
  • High-quality sub-woofer;
  • Convenient wired remote control unit;
  • Long connecting cables and flexible connection options.


  • Too high pricing;
  • No digital Input port;
  • Distorted sound quality of the mid-frequency range;
  • Doubtful advantages of the ALM technology for high-frequency diffusers.
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