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Creative Labs, which is considered to be one of the leaders in the market of multimedia solutions for PCs, is opening new market opportunities in this field. By launching their new Inspire Monitor M80 sound system they are intending to reserve a spot in the semi-professional acoustic solutions market.

This new product is positioned as a budget monitor set for home studios and its attractively low price point should inevitably arouse wide interest. At least, I felt very much inclined to get myself a system like that for my home office, because the standard Inspire Monitor M80 is now selling for about $65!

The speaker set started conquering the market in Asia, and has already made it to Europe. The US market, however, seems to be still waiting for it, because according to, it is not yet available in the US stores. So, be patient and get ready to welcome the new product. And hopefully our review will help you get a better idea about it before it even arrives into the market.

Creative Inspire Monitor M80 in a retail box

Technical Characteristics


Creative Labs

Model name

Inspire Monitor M80

Satellites power

16W RMS per channel

Supported frequency range

62 ~ 20,000Hz

Signal to Noise ratio (SNR)



156mm x 243mm x 195mm

Approximate price


Of course, these are just the official claimed specifications of the product which will hardly give you any realistic idea about its features. So, now that we went through the traditional official procedure and highlighted the specs, I suggest that we go straight to the detailed features and functions discussion.

The package includes:

  • Acoustic system;
  • Minijack/RCA audio cable;
  • Power supply unit.
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