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SoundBlaster X-Fi Family

Now let me introduce to you all four members of the SoundBlaster X-Fi family:

SoundBlaster X-Fi Elite Pro

This is the top model in the family that includes high-quality Cirrus Logic digital-to-analog converters with about 116dB SNR and an external I/O unit. The card is equipped with 64MB of X-RAM used to unpack the compressed sound in games. Also this model features built-in pre-amplifiers for direct recording, and high-impedance inputs for electric guitars and other musical peripherals. SoundBlaster X-Fi Elite Pro supports all standard audio functions and boasts a remarkably rich software bundle.

SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS

This is the second best member in the new SoundBlaster X-Fi family. It owes its name to the well-known gamer, Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. This is exactly the card that we managed to get our hands on this time, and all our ongoing tests will be carried out for it. Just like the previously described model it is equipped with 64MB of X-RAM, however it produces slightly smaller signal-to-noise ratio of 109dB Fatal1ty FPS supports the latest version of the EAX Environmental Audio – EAX Advanced HD 5.0 and uses X-Fi CMSS 3D technology to ensure highly realistic sounding in the headphones. The sound card is supplied with a commutation unit that can be installed into the 5” bay of your system case.

SoundBlaster X-Fi Platinum

This sound card model is targeted for multimedia entertainment PC systems. The card is accompanied by the same commutation unit as the Fatal1ty FPS. The card is equipped with practically the same converters offering 109dB SNR. All in all it is very similar to the X-Fi Platinum, I should say.

SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeMusic

As you may have guessed from the name of this sound card it is intended for music lovers, who will surely enjoy the advantages of the Creative MediaSource 3 software and X-Fi Extreme Fidelity 24-bit Crystalizer technology for MP3 conversion into 24-bit format. SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card is the simplest model in this family, therefore it ships without the commutation unit. Most standard system configurations will most likely be equipped with this particular sound card.

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