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The bracket that sits in the case rear panel features a Line-In/Mic port (you can turn it into a digital port in the software) and three connectors for the analogue acoustic system. So, there is one more connector left, as you may see. However, it is not for the gaming manipulator, as you may have thought at first glance, but for the connection to the SoundBlaster X-Fi I/O Console that is supplied with the X-Fi Elite pro kit. So, the PCB is actually quite unified.

The infra-red remote control unit you see on the photo above is included with all the three top models of the X-Fi family. If you ask for my personal opinion, it is a little bit big and inconvenient to work with.

X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS is bundled with only one CD-ROM disk with software. It contains a patch for Doom 3 game, so if you have the game installed on your system, then you will be able to really feel the difference with the new EAX 5.0 features. The interesting thing is that there are no bonus disks with any other games in the bundle, while the previous sound card, Audigy, used to ship with such true bestsellers as Hitman 2, Messiah, etc.

Quick access panel for Creative’s major tools

Once the drivers and Creative’s brand name software are installed, the user gets a lot of tools for work with audio files at his disposal. All major applications can be launched from the Creative MediaSource Panel which is located on the desktop. You can also select one from the list by launching the Volume Panel utility located in the system tray:

I found this way to be more convenient, especially since Volume Panel seems to contain a much bigger list of options.

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