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Audio Creation Mode

Finally, the Audio Creation Mode is intended for work with special musical applications. Frankly speaking, I expected to see something more advanced. Especially since Creative has pretty rich experience in this field: remember the efficient PatchMix DSP Mixer console by Creative E-MU 1820 (that particular sound card was based on the Audigy sound processor, by the way).

Among the other software tools available for system setting, I would also like to point out the THX Setup, which comes as an individual application:

THX Setup console

This tool is almost identical to the Speaker Settings utility, however, it offers much finer tuning options for the acoustic system. There are three major sections here: Speaker Selection, Calibration and Bass Management. On the first page the user has to set the type of the acoustic system, define the central speaker (in relation to the screen), test the connected equipment, etc. On the second page, calibration, the user adjusts precisely the location of all acoustic system components by inputting the distance to them, the vertical location and angle in relation to the center (listener). On the third page you can set the cutoff frequency, subwoofer level, etc. The console has hardly changed and represents a very efficient tool for acoustic system setup.

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