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I tested the Creative Inspire T5900 speaker system using the Euraudio PRO600S audio analyzer and following our special testing methodology.

Euraudio PRO600S audio analyzer used in the tests

That is, besides my subjective impressions from listening to this system, I can offer you some objective data – the results of my measurements. To hear the system in action, I attached it to a Creative E-MU 1820 audio card and used a special IASCA Competition CD. So, here are some results I got in my tests:


Creative Inspire T5900

Actual frequency range


Relative unevenness of amplitude-frequency characteristics  within the 50-15,000Hz interval


Threshold frequency for the satellites


Maximum sound pressure level (Max SPL)


To measure the frequency response of the speaker system by its sound pressure in real time, I used a Euraudio PRO600S audio analyzer with an external calibrated microphone. A “pink noise” record was being reproduced by the system as a test signal.

My listening to the system gave me more positive than negative emotions. Of course, I must confess that this system has practically no reserve of power, but the maximum volume is quite enough for a comfortable listening. What’s the most important thing, the sound is reproduced without significant overloads at the maximum volume. My measurements of the sound pressure showed that the SPL value was 99.7dB when the system was reproducing the SPL Competition track.

The subwoofer is of course the best component of the Creative Inspire T5900 system. Thanks to the selected type of the acoustic enclosure, the subwoofer reproduces a good, structured and solid bass. The level of bass, which is adjusted from the remote control, is best set to one third of the scale, if you don’t have an opportunity to control the frequency response with technical means. In this case you’ll have crisp and stiff rather than ill-defined and boomy basses. Well, I now catch myself speaking about listening to music on this system, and that’s not right. The main purpose of the Creative Inspire T5900 is the reproduction of sound in computer games and the creation of the entire audio environment of your workplace. Don’t forget about that, if you want to find more advantages than faults with this speaker system.

Let’s now examine the frequency response of the system as it was measured with the help of the audio analyzer:

The measured frequency response shows
the real range of the reproduced frequencies.

As you see, the real range of the frequencies the system can reproduce does lie within 40-20,000Hz, as the manufacturer specifies. The relative ripple of the frequency response is about 6dB, which is a good result for a speaker system of that class. The system is well-balanced timbrally, but the dynamic range is rather underdeveloped, so classic compositions sound stiffly and unemotional.

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