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Closer Look

Here are the things you must have already marked out in the list of the characteristics above: an integrated hard disk drive capable of accommodating over 10,000 audio-files; a high-capacity accumulator for a longest time of autonomous work; a big and very informative LCD display; a high-speed USB port for fast file transfers. With all that, the Creative Zen is an example of miniaturization, its dimensions being similar to the ones of a small-size organizer. The radio receiver is supplied separately for the player; it is a special headset – Creative uses this solution with many models of its digital players. The downside of the player’s extensive functionality is not only its high retail price, but also its weight (203 grams).

And here are the things you are given after you have counted your money out:

  • Creative Zen Touch player;
  • Earphones;
  • USB cable for attaching the player to the computer;
  • External power adapter;
  • Leather case;
  • Software & driver CD;
  • Quick Start guide.

In fact, this is all you may want for everyday use of your player. The only thing that probably needs replacing is the pair of earphones. Now, let’s learn how you can control the player; main controls are found on the front panel of the device.

The monochrome LCD display with blue highlighting takes up a big portion of the face panel. It is really very informative, displaying a lot of info about the audio-file:

Onscreen information during playback

Musical compositions are searchable in various ways: by play-lists, by albums, genres and so on. You select the search method in the menu. The screen shows the scroll bar during the search process, and you move the cursor from the touchpad. Its sensor pad is divided into three sensitivity zones. The outermost zones are for fast scrolling up and down. The sensitivity of the touchpad can be adjusted in the menu, and I should confess it was too high for me at first even at the Low setting. You confirm your choices with the Ok button or with a gentle press of the touchpad.

The screen menu represents a logical hierarchical structure:

  • Music Library
    • Playlists
    • Albums
    • Artists
    • Genres
    • Recordings
    • All Tracks
    • Random Play All
  • Now Playing
  • Play Mode
    • Normal
    • Repeat Track
    • Repeat All
    • Shuffle
    • Shuffle Repeat
    • Track Once
  • Settings
    • Owner
    • EQ Settings
    • Backlight Time
    • Contrast
    • Idle Shutdown
    • Date & Time
    • Touch Pad
    • Language
    • Reset Settings
  • Information
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