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Blank or Marked – That Is The Question

The Das Keyboard is available in two versions: the Professional (with each key marked) and the Ultimate (purely blank keyboard with no markings). All the keyboards have all their keys marked and it is somewhat an absurd to buy a keyboard without markings. However, there is a number of logical explanations why unmarked keyboard may be a benefit.

According to the official history of Das Keyboard, Daniel Guermeur, founder of Metadot Corporation, an open source software company, created Das Keyboard because he believed the only way to improve his typing skills was to stop looking at the keys. Having a blank keyboard with a great tactile feel would be the ultimate answer.

Well, perhaps, Mr. Guermeur is right: if a human who can’t swim is thrown into the water, there are high chances that he will swim out of the water somehow, possibly, in not a very efficient way. But doing practically the same in case of typing is a little bit strange.

All right, I can type without looking at the keyboard. But there are situations when I need to enter passwords in order to access my bank accounts. Would I risk entering the passwords blindly? No. Moreover, even when I do not enter mission critical information, I may need a combination of keys to get a symbol (CTRL + ALT + E = €) or a function (CTRL + F = Find function) and entering a combination will hardly be comfortable on a purely black keyboard.

One thing that the Das Keyboard Ultimate is ideal for is for impressing your friends of colleagues. The blank keyboard tells everyone around that you were nearly born with keyboard at hands. Moreover, clicking sound will attract further attention to the keyboard and you.

So, if you are a truly ultimate professional who is sure regarding typing skills, the Das Keyboard Ultimate is your choice. If you are not, or you are unsure your typing skills, you should consider the Das Keyboard Professional with markings.

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