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The Das Keyboard III Professional brought a very good impression. Everyone who saw the keyboard and used it liked the design and the extraordinary feeling during typing. All in all, the Das Keyboard from Metadot Corp. is an ultimate device aimed primarily at professional typists and specialists like that.

Each of the key of the Das Keyboard III contains mechanical switch designed to withstand 50 million of strokes, which is higher compared to 10 – 20 million of typical keyboards.

The black Das Keyboard III Ultimate with no markings looks impressive and also feels great, however, considering the fact that many end-users need to enter combinations of keys and/or mission critical passwords, we believe that the pure black edition of the device is not exactly the best choice, unless someone wants to create impression of an ultimate computer geek among other people.

The Das Keyboard – in both of its incarnations – gives ultimate tactile feedback that is rarely found on today’s keyboards. In fact, the only thing I that I can compare that feeling with is the keyboard on IBM T42 laptop. Thanks to great tactile feedback as well as clicking sound, the Das Keyboard gives a pleasure of touching a high-end, or perhaps, luxurious device.

Apart from very high built quality and style, Das Keyboard III has another indisputable advantage: it has 2 meter USB cable as well as integrated USB 2.0 hub, a definitely useful device these days.

One of the issues about the Das Keyboard is that it is mechanical and thus it is more fragile compared to dome switch-based keyboards. More importantly, it is really hard to clean the Das Keyboard: even Metadot advices to use compressed air to remove dust or crums from the keyboard and prohibits removal of key caps. Another issue is scratchable glossy surface of the unit.

The Das Keyboard is definitely an item to try for a professional user who types a lot. But the Das Keyboards are not sold widely in the retail: they are available from Micro Center retail stores throughout the U.S. as well as at J&R Music and Computer World stores located in New York, NY. Besides, consumers may acquire them either directly from Metadot, or get them from GetDigital in Europe, Tek Gear in Canada or AusPC in Australia. Obviously, buying a $129 keyboard without trying is not the best option. On the other hand, Metadot offers 30 days money back guarantee without questions asked, hence, the situation seems to get a little easier here. 

So, let’s sum up the pros and cons of Das Keyboard III.


  • Ultimate tactile feedback
  • Nearly ideal size and shape of keys
  • Plenty of space between keys
  • Stylish design
  • Clicking
  • Reliability
  • 2.0m long USB 2.0 cable
  • Integrated USB 2.0 hub


  • The price is rather high
  • Clicking may annoy you and/or others
  • Glossy surface can be easily scratched
  • More fragile compared to dome switch keyboards in cases of spills
  • Hard to clean
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