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The View Mode screen

If you’re viewing photographs, you can set them up to rotate automatically into the “correct” position. The information necessary for the rotation can be found in the image’s EXIF heading, if it was shot by a digital camera.

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The P-2000 is localized for eight languages. It is sad EPSON didn’t implement the option of firmware updates for such a complex device (at least, I found no mention of this option in the user’s manual or on the company’s tech support site). Firmware updates might be very useful not only to add more menu languages but also to support more graphics file formats since the P-2000 does not understand some popular ones.

Well, it is a bit of understatement to regard the P-2000’s operating system as mere firmware. The fact is the device uses a hard disk drive for 40 gigabytes, and 3.5 gigabytes of that capacity are reserved for system purposes. I suppose hardware enthusiasts will get to those hidden files and will not only localize this viewer into other languages but also transform it into something more universal. For example, if the P-2000 could display text files, more people would be interested in it, don’t you think?

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