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The battery cell for a Li-Ion accumulator is located at the bottom panel


The P-2000 uses a 2300mAh Li-Ion accumulator. According to the declared characteristics, the charge of this accumulator is enough for the viewer to work for 3.5 hours in the slide-show mode. I additionally measured the time the device would last autonomously while playing video. In this case the viewer was working for about 1 hour and 40 minutes. That’s not little, considering that you can use the external power source in your room, which will also recharge the accumulator. When the device is fully charged, there appears an appropriate symbol on the screen and then the device turns off automatically.

The P-2000 is accompanied with a stand to place the viewer at a convenient angle. The next snapshot shows you the device positioned on the stand:

A special case with a wrist strap
is enclosed with the device, for easier transportation.

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