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Gyration - The New Brand for Computer Peripherals

Although Gyration brand is not new, it is little known on the market of computer peripherals. Therefore, we decided to investigate a little more about the company.

The Gyration Air Mouse Elite is produced by the company called Movea. Movea SA, a spin-off from the French research institute CEA-Léti, commercializes motion-based solutions for the health care and sports markets; the firm acquired Gyration several years ago in order to obtain a consumer electronics branch that would sell devices based on technologies developed by Movea.

Movea company is the inventor and patent holder of a motion-sensing technology for in-air navigation and cursor control on a television screen or monitor. According to the company, its MotionIC chips and chipsets power computer peripherals, remote controls for IPTV, equipment and accessories for sports and fitness, as well as physical rehabilitation monitoring solutions. The company does not develop special-purpose chips, but rather solutions for various motion-sensing applications. As a result, the firm may offer its own chips or a programmed microcontroller for different solutions and different configurations of sensors, including 2G (two gyroscopes), 3A/2G (three accelerometers + two gyroscopes), 3A/3M (three accelerometers + three) or 3A/3G/3M. Naturally, Movea can provide its customers or partners software, firmware and other results of CEA-Leti institute development efforts.

CEA-Leti started to develop micro electromechanical systems (MEMS), including accelerometers and weight sensors back in the eighties and was the first institute to patent the silicon accelerometer. Movea was spun off in 2007 and acquired Gyration in early 2008.

Gyration was founded in Saratoga, California in 1989 to develop gyroscope sensor technology for computer and TV interfaces. In 1991, the company introduced the world’s first miniature optical spin gyroscope and received its first U.S. patent award in 1992 for the gyro shaft encoder. Since then, Gyration products and technologies have been revolutionizing the industry with a comprehensive line of next-generation user interface devices and cutting edge proprietary gyroscope technology.

The company claims that Gyration developed the first motion sensing Nintendo game controller prototype in 2001 and developed much of the interaction concepts between motion controllers and game play.

All-in-all, together Gyration and Movea represent a strong team of motion sensor specialists that have worked in this industry for years and who have vision for both expansion of the market as well as are experienced in creating various hardware with motion-sensing capabilities.

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