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Gyration Air Mouse Elite is made of shiny "piano black" plastic with shiny silver insertions. This definitely makes mouse look stylishly on pictures, but, the truth to be told, this is one of the worst materials for both mice and keyboards. After an hour of working, the piano black finish of the Elite mouse will be covered with fingerprints and after a day or two buttons will simply be greasy.

Fortunately, Gyration used rubberized plastic - which Logitech calls "DryGrip" - on the sides of the mouse, therefore, the device does not slide during the usage and even during playing video games the mouse behaves better than typical low-cost mice. In addition, the mouse is well built, plastic does not flex and the parts are not slack.

In order to maximize convenience of both left-handed and right-handed users, Gyration made a completely symmetrical mouse. While this is the approach that all the mouse makers use for inexpensive mice, it is not the best when it comes to the Air Mouse Elite. The mouse has three programmable buttons, which the company had to locate on top of the device. This was done in order to make them accessible when the mouse is held in the air but, as a consequence, they become totally useless when using the manipulator of the table top as they are covered by the palm of user's hand.

The central round button on top of the mouse enables user to make a gesture that can be recognized by Motion Tools software. For example, a right-swipe gesture may launch Windows Media Player, whereas south swipe gesture can switch off the volume. The three other buttons can be programmed separately for different programs. Another button is located on the lower side of the mouse, in fact, in a special pit. Double-clicking the button activates/deactivates motion-sensing mode and thus allows the mouse to operate in the air.

Interestingly, but the pointing device also has a photo-electric cell located on the front of its bottom to determine immediately that the device is placed on the solid surface and that the in-air mode should be deactivated. The solution works robustly, but it naturally glitches in dark rooms.

In short, Air Mouse Elite seems to be a decent average mouse made of not-the-ideal "piano black" plastic and that has a shape suitable for both right- and left-handed users. Unfortunately, the mouse is pretty narrow, which will make its usage uncomfortable for people with hands slightly bigger than average.

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