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Motion Tools Software

Motion Tools software suite is definitely among the bright sides of Gyration Air Mouse Elite and other devices from the manufacturer. In fact, this suite is among the most intuitive and easy-to-use programs of this kind.

The software package allows to bin media buttons of the Air Mouse Elite as well as pre-define gestures for various actions. Both buttons and gestures can be programmed separately for general applications, Internet browser, media player and presentations. Besides, different profiles can be saved, which gives rather ultimate abilities to customize usage of the mouse in different cases.

Among the useful things that the Motion Tools can do are Zoom feature, Spotlight feature that lets attract attention to a particular feature of a presentation as well as some other useful things particularly tailored for teachers, presenters and other people, who need to use the Air Mouse Elite in public and with maximum effect.

One of the things that are not particularly good about Motion Tools is that the software does not allow to tune the speed of pointer, wheel as well as motion-sensing. Instead, the program opens up Windows' Mouse Properties that cannot boast with a broad amount of adjustments.

Although Motion Tools automatically detects type of current usage model (whether the owner is using Internet browser, media player or is making a presentation) and redefines actions of media buttons and gestures appropriately, it does not allow to create profiles for particular applications with strictly set deeds. For example, it is impossible to create a mode for gaming and bin media keys to certain actions in a title. Fortunately, the Motion Tools still knows the difference between browsers and media players, which allows to define dissimilar actions in different programs.

In general, Motion Tools seems to be pretty intuitive software for programming buttons or gestures for certain usage scenarios only. However, the suite lacks precise customization features that are available in case of similar programs from rival manufacturers.

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