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General Feelings and Impressions

The overall impressions about the Gyration Air Mouse Elite are pretty positive. Despite of not being really ergonomic, it is okay for occasional use. From time to time the mouse will slip because of the glossy surface, which is why the mouse should be held stronger than typical mice. One can get used to it pretty easily.

In office applications the Air Mouse Elite behaves well even with 1920x1200 screen resolution, which means that the laser is rather precise. One of the issues with the precision of the laser is that it simply loves new mouse pads. In video games the shape of the controller plays a negative role, but the truth is that this is not a mouse for hardcore gaming, but rather for a teacher, presenter, sales person or multimedia consumer.

The motion sensor of the Air Mouse Elite works very well not only in office or multimedia applications, but also in games. Although Gyration offers simplistic casual games on its web-site designed specifically for Air Mouse, your truly attempted to play Left 4 Dead using motion-sensing controller without regrets. Obviously, it is not easy to shoot opponents using a controller that you are not used to, but who said that it is easy to hold an automatic gun in your hands for an hour or so without prior training?

The Gyration Air Mouse Elite may not be the best solution for every day usage for gaming or office work. It is aimed at those, who give presentations often and do need a motion-sensing tool that be universal enough to act as a mouse. For a device that should do two jobs, the Air Mouse Elite is good enough.

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