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Controlling personal computer using only motion-sensing controller is a lot of fun, but this may not be suitable for everyday use. Firstly, the Air Mouse Elite does not have the best shape for proper in-air double-clicking. Secondly, it is not easy to click on a small link on a high-resolution screen while holding the mouse in the air. Finally, controlling PC using an air mouse is considerably slower at present than using traditional mouse.

To sum up, the Gyration Air Mouse Elite is one size fits all with exclusive motion sensing. It does not have a truly ergonomic shape, it cannot boast with ultra high precision laser and it does not come with the best possible software. But the main thing about this mouse is that it senses motions and at present this capability is unique. Those, who need this feature for their will likely buy the device anyway and will find it pretty useful due to its universality.


  • Responsive and accurate (provided the right surface)
  • Reasonably accurate motion tracking
  • Easy to use configuration software
  • Stylish look
  • Low price (~$70) for an air mouse



  • Not really ergonomic design
  • Software has limitations
  • High price for an average laser mouse
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