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JBL Creature II

The JBL Creature set in its retail package

Creatures of Fantasy – this might be a good name for the whole series of multimedia speakers systems from Harman Multimedia. Yes, I really envy the creativity of the person who conceived this image of a speaker system: the two tiny satellites look like space landing units, while the weird-looking subwoofer resembles the helmet of the guard from Star Wars. This is the JBL Creature II speaker system.

An Impossible Creature – JBL Creature II

The first in the series, the JBL Creature model, debuted in 2002 at the Macworld Expo to wild applause. The success was continued in the second version of the speaker system. The potential customer shouldn’t be taken aback by the fact that both sets were specifically designed for the Mac, in the typical sci-fi style – you can still attach them to the PC or to home audio equipment through a standard analog stereophonic connector (mini-jack).


The purchaser of the JBL Creature II multimedia speaker system receives the following:

  • Subwoofer;
  • Two satellites;
  • Audio cable;
  • Power adapter;
  • User manual.

By the way, the system may come in three color schemes: white, gray and blue.

From the snapshots, it seems like this model only has timbre controls on the subwoofer and no traditional volume control. Well, just take a closer look at the satellites – there are two pressure sensors with engraved “plus” and “minus” signs.

Touch the pads to adjust the sound volume

The digital volume control allows adjusting the sound discretely. To mute the sound, touch both sensors at a time. I found this quite handy, but there was one problem – the speakers would click audibly when you touched the sensors. I don’t think this was the engineers’ intent.

Timbre controls

You control the timbre with two metal handles labeled “Treble” and “Bass”. Besides their main purpose, these handles are just cute decorative elements on the subwoofer’s case. For an easy adjustment, the controls have a middle position indicator that you can feel by touch. I noticed that the manufacturer got all wrong with the case “more/less timbre” denotations. That is, if you want to add more bass or trebles, you should rotate the controls in the opposite direction than the signs on the subwoofer instruct you.

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