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Harman Kardon SoundSticks II

SoundSticks II

The system owes its name to the original design of its two satellites. The subwoofer can also boast a curious shape of a mixer or a juicer – something associated with kitchen rather than music. The transparent plastic cases of the components of the SoundSticks II set are an illustration of the purely Mac style (take the iMac as an example) for which you are invited to pay about $200.


You are wrong if you think you get anything special for that money! The package contains:

  • Subwoofer;
  • Two satellites;
  • Power adapter;
  • User manual.

The components of the system are made of transparent plastic that exposes all the internal electronics, so the manufacturer had no right for a “rough” assembly. The soldering is very neat; the wires are all covered with a cambric tape; there are some decorative in-case elements. The whole system looks like a sample from a techno exhibition:

These are the Sticks the system owes its name to

This snapshot shows you the placement of the sensor buttons and
the configuration of the satellite’s resonance port

Each satellite has four paralleled loudspeakers with a 1” diffuser. To amplify certain frequencies of the range reproduced by the satellites, their cases are equipped with phase inverter ports – they are at the bottom, near the circle-shaped bases. The bases themselves are fully metallic (to add steadiness to the whole construction) and their surface is covered with soft polypropylene. A special fastening allows tilting the satellites along the vertical axis. The satellites’ diffusers are aimed at a sharp angle, so it is important to choose their places on the desk correctly to create an authentic stereo panorama.

The system has sensor volume controls, located at the base of the right satellite. They are two metallic pads with engraved “plus” and “minus” signs. By touching both pads at once you mute the sound. Unlike with the JBL Creature II system, this speaker set doesn’t produce any clicks when you touch the sensors.

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