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Interior Configuration

Now let’s take a look at the components the HD360W has inside. It was a problem to take the player apart. First I had to find and unfasten a small screw in the player’s top and then remove the black edging of the panels. Next I unfastened two screws in one of the side panels and split the case into two halves. Two more screws and I took off the HDD compartment. Finally, I took out the player’s PCB with back panel by undoing one more screw in the center of the PCB.

The player’s electronics resides on several connected cards: a main PCB, DVI module, WLAN module and control card. The assembly quality is high save for a couple of flux stains on the reverse side of the main PCB.

The HD360W is based on an EM8621L processor. It is an ARM-architecture chip made by Sigma Designs. Although not the most advanced model in the developer’s line-up, it has really impressive characteristics.

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Without delving into details, I can just tell you that the HD360W supports the various media formats thanks to this chip alone. By the way, there is a seat for a console near the processor.

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