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MIDI Music Synthesizer

This page allows you to choose the type of the sound library for MIDI-files playback.

The SoundMAX synthesizer can play MIDI-files using DLS-banks. The bank is loaded with a special utility aka DLS Loader.


The developers of the SoundMAX software agreed to place the advertisement of ANDREA, the manufacturer of microphones and headphones, into the control panel. That’s why we can select a special headset, Superbeam Microphone, in the Microphone tab, next to the standard microphone and headphones. Analog Devices also did this for the developers of voice-recognition applications: they will be able to work with special tools, developed for this purpose. ANDREA brought to SoundMAX its own noise reduction technologies, which work for both ANDREA’s solutions and standard microphones.

I think that the SoundMAX 4 XL software is an excellent product. The developer updates the driver regularly, which is an indication of good work done by the tech support team.

Next, we are going to discuss the VIA VT1616 codec that works in pair with the VT1720 audio-controller. Unlike the AD1985, the AC’97 codec from VIA complies with the previous version of the specification (2.2), and cannot boast Jack Sensing support.

VIA VT1720 + VT1616: Rich in Hardware, Poor in Soft

Nearly a year ago, VIA Technologies announced their improved audio-controller Envy24PT (VT1720) for mainboard integration (the Envy24HT, or VT1724, chip is for PCI audio cards; we discussed it in our previous reviews). The new chip brings to mainboards the support for eight-channel sound as well as the “audiophile” operational mode, 192kHz/24bit. The “parent” generation of the chips, from which the new VIA’s chips had originated, worked in entry-level professional sound cards .So, we can hope for that the driver of this audio-controller will support professional functions, soon. Unfortunately, the driver for the Envy24PT as it is today cannot withstand the blame both for the design of its control panel and for the implementation of the functions inherent in the audio-controller. We will review the software a bit later.

VIA Envy24PT is the “audiophile” heart of any mainboard

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