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On the left-hand side in the upper corner of the keyboard there are quick launch buttons for the internet browser, e-mail client and search page. The stand-by mode switch is also there. This button is slightly pressed into the keyboard panel, so that you could avoid pressing it accidentally during work.

The next ergonomic design trick is the way you switch the mode on the functional keys. In the “F” mode these keys are assigned their traditional functions, however if you enable “F-Lock” mode you will be able to manipulate the e-mail functions, work with the printer, navigate between some basic folders, such as My Computer, My Documents, My Pictures and My Music.

It makes the user’s life a lot easier: you definitely use the Reply function in your e-mail a lot more than the functional F2 key, for instance. Besides, your favorite music and pictures are just one key stroke away.

The location of the office applications controls is quite common: above the cursor arrow keys, just like on most of the keyboards out there.

Now that I have highlighted the positive features of the keyboard, let me point out one of the major drawbacks that I discovered while working with it. I believe that the “Enter” key is a way too small. I kept missing it and would hit either BackSpace or Shift instead.

Well, I haven’t yet mentioned one of the major peculiarities of the DiNovo keyboard that distinguishes it from most other solutions out there: the keyboard is actually split in two: the main keyboard and the numeric pad.

The numeric pad also has all the necessary multimedia controls and volume control keys. This logical solution turns the numeric pad into a remote control unit for multimedia applications. Of course, this is not the only application you can find for this keyboard, but probably the most interesting one.

The second function of the numeric pad is to serve as a calculator. Yes, you can use it as a light-weight compact calculator. And the most beautiful thing about using the numeric pad as a calculator is the opportunity to save the results in the clipboard. If you work in EXCEL a lot, you are going to love this feature.

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