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And the last, relatively common function is to serve as a numeric pad of a regular keyboard. However, Logitech designers applied all their creativity even to the implementation of such a boring function. A small LCD display at the top of the numeric pad displays room temperature, date, time and a low battery warning when appropriate. If you always forget to charge your cell phone or replace a battery in your alarm clock, this friendly reminder will be a life saver for you. Of course, since all the mobile solutions are only really needed when they have enough battery life, otherwise they are worthless.

The simplest device in this entire kit is definitely the mouse. It is a cordless optical mouse for notebooks with only two control buttons and a scrolling wheel. Very simple and very functional: all you need from a mouse.

The mouse is very light and sits very comfortably in the hand. By the way, if you are left-handed, this mouse will suit you two, as it has absolutely symmetric design with no special curves favoring the right-handed. This unified design is more like an advantage in this case: light weight and universality are a way more important for a portable solution like that. I don’t think gamers will be very happy about this mouse, but if you travel a lot and always have your laptop with you, you will not be disappointed with the Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks. Besides, you will get a nice little transportation bag for the mouse and the USB receiver.

The main keyboard, the numeric pad and the mouse are powered from 6 AA batteries: a pair of batteries for each of the devices.

If you turn the main keyboard upside down, you will find a special section for the batteries. A similar section is located on the reverse side of the numeric pad, and the remaining two batteries go right under the top mouse cover.

By the way, the mouse features a power switch, so that you could turn it off before you depart and thus save some battery life. This power saving option is a definite advantage of the Logitech solution.

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