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Installation and Setup

Unlike the Logitech diNovo Media Desktop 2.0 kit that works via the Bluetooth interface, our today’s hero works through a regular radio channel. The kit is connected to the computer via a mini-USB receiver. The receiver looks very similar to a common USB flash drive, it is practically as small and light as any of these devices.

There is a also a special vertical stand bundled with the kit, so that you could use the keyboards and mouse with a regular desktop.

The receiver works at up to 5 meters distance, which is quite OK for an apartment or a small office. By the way, in an office you can have several kits installed to increase the reception area.

By pressing and holding the calculator launch key on the numeric pad and a Ctrl+Alt+F12 combination on the main keyboard you can tie up the kit to a specific machine. This way you enter the encoding mode based on the key generated by special software supplied with the kit. This is also a very convenient solution if you are planning to set up a home network with a desktop and a laptop and are going to have two Logitech kits working.

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