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Software Bundle

Logitech diNovo Cordless Desktop Kit for Notebooks includes Logitech SetPoint and Logitech MediaLife software.

The user can also work with the kit without installing any additional software, however, in this case most of the unique features will not be available.

SetPoint tool is responsible for adjusting the main keyboard settings, numeric pad settings and mouse settings. And the MediaLife tool allows the user to work with all media content in an easy and efficient way. The interface of these utilities is very simple and doesn’t require any specific knowledge to navigate through successfully.

Let me get a little bit more into details about these tools, still.

In fact, SetPoint tool consists of two parts: QuickTour (it will guide you through the major functions of your keyboard) and Settings (here you will be able to change certain specific key functions according to your needs). The Settings menu includes the following options:

  • Special keyboard keys settings .
    Here you can reassign the quick launch keys for the web-browser, e-mail client and search page, as well as the keys of the multimedia unit used for audio and video content playback.
  • F-key settings .
    Here you can reassign the F-keys. The only difference from the previous case is the “Other” option. This option allows assigning F-keys to the following functions: webcam, calculator, control panel, previous application, next application, help, documents, calendar.
  • Keyboard parameters .
    Here you can check what channels the main keyboard and numeric pad are connected to, and hook the keyboard up with the computer with the encoder.
  • Battery Status .
    Here you can check how much battery life is left on the main keyboard and numeric pad batteries.

And any time you feel like you got lost, you can check out the help menu and find answers to all your questions there. The help system is very convenient and extensive.

MediaLife tool helps manage all your multimedia content: video, audio and image files.

The Pictures menu allows you to sort out images by date or file name; perform some basic modifications, such as image rotation, start a slide show or just look through the pictures on the system hard drive or CD disk.

You can control the speed of the slide show by setting the pause length between the slides, you can change the special effects on transition from one slide to another and play the music in the background.

All audio files can also be sorted out by albums, artist, genre, or playlist preferences. The same is true for the video files. You can also listen to web radio and there is very convenient interface for radio settings too. Besides, you can set the screen mode in the Parameters menu to 4:3 or wide screen.

The software bundle also includes a MUSICMATCH MP3 player, which looks very similar to Winamp.


In my humble opinion, the best test for a portable keyboard like that is real practice. So, I can assure you that from my own experience it is an extremely convenient and easy to use solution. This particular review was written using the Logitech diNovo Cordless Desktop Kit for Notebooks and I don’t think I will be able to give it up now. Light weight, stylish looks, the whole bunch of additional features and user friendly interface, will turn your laptop into a portable entertainment center, which will be an irreplaceable companion on the road.

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